Big Boat River Cruises


Photo courtesy of American Queen Steamboat Company

Big Boat River Cruises Along The Great River Road

ENTER TO WINA river cruise can be great for experiencing the Wisconsin Great River Road and the Mississippi River in a new and exciting way. There are a number of big boat tours that stop in the rivertowns along the road, including the river city of La Crosse, Wisconsin. Many boats stop at Riverside Park during summer and fall with a variety of tour options to get you out for a memorable river cruise experience. 

The American Duchess 

The newest and first all-suite paddlewheel boat in the United State, the American Duchess is an excellent choice for cruising the Mississippi River. This luxurious riverboat is the first of its kind to offer solely suite rooms, including their new lofted suite option featuring a split-level room. On a multi-day voyage on the Upper Mississippi River, you’ll make numerous stops at various river towns along the Wisconsin Great River Road, giving you plenty of areas to explore Wisconsin history, culture, and nature. The American Duchess will stop in La Crosse, Wisconsin on Saturday, July 17th from noon-5; Friday, July 23rd from 8-5; Friday, July 30th from 8-5; and Wednesday, August 4th from 8-1. 

The American Countess

The American Countess, like the American Duchess, also ventures north on the Mississippi only during the late summer months and into fall. The American Countess will dock in La Crosse, Wisconsin on Friday, August 27th from noon-5; Tuesday, August 31st from 8-1; Friday, October 8th from noon-5; and Monday, October 11th from noon-5. Taking its maiden voyage in 2020, the American Countess is a fairly new river cruiser with many modern touches and luxury staterooms. There are plenty of events and entertainment during every voyage, but one of the perks of voyaging the Upper Mississippi alongside the Wisconsin Great River Road is the beauty of the Driftless Region and the unique river town stops. 

The La Crosse Queen

If a multi-day voyage isn’t for you, river cruises can also be enjoyed as both day and night cruises. The La Crosse Queen riverboat in La Crosse, Wisconsin offers a variety of paddlewheel cruises from daytime sightseeing and Sunday brunch cruises to evening dinner cruises. If you can’t make a full vacation out of your river cruise, a couple of hours on the La Crosse Queen can still give you a similar experience and the opportunity to see the Wisconsin Great River Road and the surrounding river valley from a different perspective. Additionally, a river cruise on the La Crosse Queen is a less expensive alternative that can be enjoyed by all. 

The Celebration Belle

For an even longer daytime cruise, The Celebration Belle is a great option for a day-long riverboat cruise including two meals and live entertainment. Based out of Prairie Du Chien, the Celebration Belle travels all the way down to Dubuque, Iowa for eight hours of cruising the Mississippi. You can look forward to seeing the beautiful Palisades and traveling alongside the tower bluffs, as well as scenery and wildlife from both the Wisconsin and Iowa Great River Roads.