Grant County


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Grant County

Grant County has 57 miles of Mississippi River shoreline! It’s a rural county full of small towns (only 7 stoplights in the entire county) yet there are some unique places to visit and beautiful scenery. Grant County has two state parks, wineries, breweries, quality museums, and rolling country roads to get you from here to there.

State Parks

Wyalusing State Park and Nelson Dewey State Park both have beautiful overlooks of the Mississippi River. Wyalusing is well known for its expansive view of where the Wisconsin and Mississippi Rivers meet. In wintertime, Wyalusing has a number of cross country ski trails, including the Turkey Hollow, Whitetail Meadows, and Prairie trails, and any trails not groomed for skiing, you’re welcome to hike or snowshoe on. Your winter hike will be well rewarded as frozen waterfalls can be found in three locations at the park. At Nelson Dewey, you can stand 500 feet about the Mississippi River at an overlook point. This state park only plows up to the main parking lot. After that, it’s snowshoes, skies, or just your warm hiking boots to take you into the park and exploring.


The National Brewery Museum in Potosi, Wisconsin is a world-class museum filled with breweriana collectibles from the American Breweriana Association. The museum is housed within the historic Potosi Brewery building where you can not only check out the brewery’s tasting room, but also the Great River Road Interpretive Center and Transportation Museum. The Transportation Museum takes you through the 120-year history of the brewery and how transportation played a role. Although currently closed, Stonefield is another museum you may want to keep on your River Road bucket list. More than just the home of Wisconsin’s first governor. Stonefield is a step back into time. The on-site Agricultural Museum is a must to visit as well as the historic Stonefield village. The Dickyville Grotto is also exceptionally unique.


Wild Hills Winery is a drive off the road into the farmland of the county and is more than a winery. It is a vineyard, a cidery, and an orchard as well, perched on a hilltop in the Ocooch Mountains. Typically open Friday through Sunday, their wines can be found throughout the region as well. Whispering Bluffs Winery is located in Potosi and is directly across the street from the Potosi Brewery and you are welcome to stop in and try a tasting. This winery has award-winning wines, and Meadowlark is the one to try with several awards having been bestowed including the Wisconsin State Fair Double Gold medal.

Catch the Ferry

The town of Cassville has one of the oldest operating car ferries in existence. The Pride of Cassville only runs through the summer months starting in May, and weather and water stages can affect the ferry operation, so it’s always a good idea to check their website. The cost is pretty inexpensive to take the car across. Even cheaper if you just want to take a ride on the ferry and walk on ($2 per person one way). It’s a fun alternative to driving on to the next bridge and the family will love it.