Wisconsin Great River Road | Wisconsin’s National Scenic Byway
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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Can I talk to someone about my Wisconsin Great River Road questions?
    • Yes!  Staff at the La Crosse Visitor Center can aid in answering your questions – 1-800-782-2366.



  • What kind of lodging will I find on my trip?
    • The larger cities on the Road will have a variety of familiar hotel chains as well as smaller lodging choices.  However, the smaller towns along the Road are known for their unique family run lodging facilities and bed and breakfasts.  Camping and vacation rentals are also available in many locations.


  • I’m thinking of taking a motorcycle trip.  Is the WI Great River Road motorcycle friendly?
    • Very!  You will find many fellow motorcyclists traveling the road.


  • Will I see eagles on my trip?
    • It is very likely.  But it is also dependent on the season.  February and March are the height of the eagle viewing season.  (They tend to gather at open water.)  Plus when the leaves are off the trees it makes it much easier to spot the giant eagle nests along the river.  However, eagles can be spotted any time of year.


Header photo courtesy of Travel Wisconsin