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Wisconsin Great River Road | Wisconsin’s National Scenic Byway

National Scenic Byway

Throughout history, the Mississippi River has influenced many lives: the Dakota, Chippewa and Hopewell cultures; early French voyagers; and settlements of Swiss, German, French, Italian and Swedish heritage. Noted for this history, Wisconsin is one of 10 states along the Great River Road National Scenic Byway.

Traveling 250 miles along the Mississippi River and through more than 33 historic river towns & villages, the Wisconsin Great River Road still links resources, people and history today … this is Wisconsin’s National Scenic Byway.

The Route
250 miles along Wisconsin State Highway 35. The entire route is marked by a green & white pilot’s wheel and National Scenic Byway signs.


Great River Road Interpretive Centers
A network of 70 museums and historic sites in all 10 river states have been selected to showcase and connect the historic stories of the Mississippi River. Wisconsin offers 6 Interpretive Centers welcoming visitors traveling along Wisconsin’s corridor of the Great River Road. Here stories of the Mississippi River come alive and guests can learn more about river history as well as find travel information.


Recreation on the WI Great River Road
History on the WI Great River Road
Nature on the WI Great River Road
Scenery on the Wisconsin Great River Road
Culture on the WI Great River Road
Archaeology on the WI Great River Road

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