Bicycling the State Trails

Some of the best bicycling opportunities along the Wisconsin Great River Road are on state trails. These smooth, level trails run along former railroad lines and are suitable for all types of bicycles. They are also excellent trails for walking and birdwatching. Families bicycling with young children will find no better place to ride.

Here are two outstanding state trails:

Great River State Trail
The Great River State Trail follows the Mississippi River for 24 miles from Onalaska to a trailhead a few miles north of Trempealeau. Along its route, the Great River State Trail crosses 18 different streams and waterways. In the sleepy river town of Trempealeau you can stop to watch tugboats finesse 400-foot-long barges through Lock and Dam #6. And the nearby Perrot State Park is a scenic wonder, offering incredible views of the river and Trempealeau Mountain.

La Crosse River State Trail
At the visitor center in Onalaska, the Great River State Trail links with the La Crosse River State Trail, which runs eastward for 21.5 miles along the winding route of the La Crosse River. Along the way, you’ll enjoy wetlands, lush green valleys and peaceful small towns.

River Travel Media/La Crosse Local