The Culture

of the Wisconsin Great River Road

The varied past and present cultures of the Wisconsin Great River Road corridor are revealed through its thirty-three river towns and villages. Residents in these communities take pride in preserving and sharing their heritage, as evidenced by many ethnic festivals and community celebrations, such as Oktoberfest in La Crosse and Syttende Mai in nearby Westby.

Nineteenth Century architecture is distributed throughout the towns and cities of the Scenic Byway. Many of them reflect the varied design trends of the early days of settlement. In these communities you’ll find the 19th Century mansion of a French fur trader and even the stone “castle” of a wealthy lumber baron, as well as quaint saloons, log cabins, and sturdy barns.

Explore historical museums and art galleries, see a play, listen to a concert in a park or a symphony orchestra indoors, roam a vineyard, watch a parade, or enjoy a film festival. The Wisconsin Great River Road will take you to all manner of cultural experiences, breathtaking scenery, and abundant outdoor recreation.

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