Stunning Scenery

of the Wisconsin Great River Road

Once you’ve experienced the Wisconsin Great River Road, you’ll quickly see why people voted it the “Prettiest Drive: Ultimate Summer Road Trip in the United States.” From the region’s deeply carved river valleys, including that of the mighty Mississippi, rugged bluffs rise up sharply, displaying sheer cliffs of limestone and sandstone encircled by verdant wreaths of prairies, savannas and forests. From natural overlooks more than 500 feet above the Mississippi, you’ll experience awe-inspiring vistas that stretch to the distant horizon. It’s a treasured landscape filled with opportunities for sighting bald eagles and flocks of tens of thousands of ducks, geese and tundra swans.

In autumn, the river bluffs glow with the oranges, reds and yellows of fall foliage. And during cool mornings, wispy fog saunters gracefully through the river valleys, imbuing the traveler with the awe and wonder of exploring an enchanted land.

Winter rolls out a magic carpet of white, sprinkled with crystals twinkling in the sunlight. Trout streams, fed from deep aquifers, continue to sing with bubbling energy. Even expanses of the wide Mississippi River can remain clear of ice for extended periods, offering beautiful blue reflections of the heavens above and places for bald eagles to congregate.

Spring generates a visual explosion of electric-green on the hillsides, while dainty wildflowers radiate their colorful greetings to visitors along winding hiking paths. You’ll be serenaded by the sweet notes of neotropical migrant songbirds displaying their bright, spring plumage.


Photos courtesy of Travel Wisconsin

Scenery on the WI Great River Road
River Travel Media/La Crosse Local