Fountain City


Fountain City

City of Fountain City
P.O. Box 85
Fountain City,  WI 54629
Telephone: (608) 687-7481

Fountain City is a long and narrow town stretching along the base of towering bluffs. The city was named for an actual spring-fed fountain that was once found in the area. High above Fountain City, you’ll see Eagle Bluff, rising 550-feet above the river below. The community has a public boat landing as well as several unique restaurants, shops and attractions, including Elmer’s Toy Car Museum, located up on Eagle Bluff. Fountain City is also home to Lock & Dam 5A and is a great place to watch barge traffic. There is also a floating fishing platform below the dam.

The strangest attraction in Fountain City is the Rock in the House. For a small donation, you can see where a 55-ton bolder came crashing through the roof of a small house and came to rest in the family’s master bedroom.

Just north of Fountain City, you’ll find Merrick State Park, a favorite destination for boaters, anglers and birdwatchers. The park was named for George Merrick, a riverboat pilot from Prescott. An excellent self-guided canoe trail will take paddlers through Merrick State Park’s extensive wetlands that make up much of the park.


Fountain City on the Wisconsin Great River Road!

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