Wings Over Alma
118 North Main Street
Alma,  WI 54610
Telephone: (608) 685-3303

Alma is a community built into the side of the bluffs. The majority of Alma is only two streets deep, built tightly between the river and the steep bluffs. A series of ten stair-step streets run perpendicular to the river and up through the terraced community. These walkways are open to the public and are truly unique to Alma. Throughout Alma, you’ll also see a number of buildings built into the hillsides. In many places throughout town, there were once caves used for storing beer and other perishable items.

A number of shops, restaurants and lodging establishments are available in Alma, as well as two marinas, a swimming beach and a popular fishing float, where, for a small fee, anglers can spend the day fishing mid-river on a special floating fishing platform strategically located below the roller dams.

Alma is also home to Lock and Dam #4. A special steel walkway over the railroad tracks leads to an excellent observation deck for an up-close look at barge traffic passing through the lock.

Just north of Alma, you’ll find Rieck’s Lake Park, one of the top birding hotspots on the Wisconsin Great River Road. This widening of the mouth of the Buffalo River is a high quality waterfowl habitat that attracts a number of migrating bird species, the most popular being the tundra swan. Detailed outdoor displays help to explain what visitors are seeing as they gaze out over the wetlands and explain the history of the area. A number of waterside campsites are also available at Rieck’s Lake Park along the banks of the Buffalo River.

A winding roadway to the top of the bluffs takes you to Buena Vista Park. From the park, you can see the lock and dam, the town of Alma and Minnesota on the far shore.


Alma, Wisconsin on the Great River Road!

Header photo courtesy of Travel Wisconsin