Alma Stair Step Streets


Main Street
Alma, WI 54610
Phone: 608-685-3303

Walk the historic stair step streets in Alma, Wisconsin while you enjoy history and get a little exercise.

Few cities in the US have actual streets composed of stairs.  Alma has 10 with more than 650 steps!  The walk will start at Hickory Street, and continue up and down the stair streets, returning to the Wings Over Alma Visitor Center for breakfast.

The Stairstep Streets of Alma are a familiar sight to anyone who has ever passed through Alma, Wisconsin.  These 19th century passageways were built in an era when the automobile did not exist and getting up or down a hill required nothing more than a decent pair of shoes.  In order to help citizens navigate the City’s steep terrain quickly, steps and stairs sprung up all over the city.   Steps even double as legal streets and these staircases appear on maps as valid thoroughfares – an often consternating surprise to unsuspecting visitors.