Suncrest Gardens Farm


S2257 Yaeger Valley Rd,
Cochrane, WI 54622

Phone: (608) 626-2122

Pizza farm at its best! Come and relax in the serenity of Yaeger Valley and experience our farm while enjoying a casual dining experience in our backyard amongst the gardens and barnyard animals. Visit with friends and neighbors, play yard games with your family, let the kids explore the playground, and experience the splendor of eating outdoors.

Where else can you take your kids out for supper where running around, spilling your food, and making some noise is all OKAY? It’s up to you what style you like…from blankets on the ground, portable camping chairs, to linen tablecloths, candles, and wine.

Campfires are often lit at dusk to take off the chill of the night and draw us into the warmth and seduction of the fire. Smores welcome!

Suncrest Gardens Farm is a 16 acre family farm nestled amongst the rolling river bluffs of west-central Wisconsin. The farm’s mission is to create and enhance community relationships through fresh, locally produced food. Suncrest Gardens Farm was founded in rural Cochrane, WI, in 2003. The 16 acre farm continually grows into a more sustainable farming business that brings community together around the subject of food, enriching both the body and soul with our naturally grown vegetables and our community-oriented dining experiences on the farm which often include live music.